Charity project

Hi everyone,
As you all might know (or maybe do not know). every time we are on vacation we try to find ourselves a "charity" project in the form of a number of cats to take care of.
We now want to introduce you to our 2009 project Glimlach.
We do not have a name for her yet, but suggestions are welcome.
Greetings from a hot Tunesia,
Anneke & Richard


Hi everyone,
As we did not mention we are spending some time in Tunesia at the moment. It’s a little cool down here (about 40 C +). So a lot of time to do nothing. Next week there will be better temperatures to do something, so we will be taking a lot of pictures then (of course of cats).
Our catsitters are also doing very well. things are more or less normall at home. For the first time we have catsitters who also think for themselves and even ask if what we wrote down in the manual is correct.. So we are very content at the moment.
Check back for more news. We have to go to the presidents party now Verhit. We are really important people here. Uitgestoken tong
Greetings from Tunesia.
Anneke and Richard