Rumba P 6 weeks pregnant

Hi everybody,
Just 3 weeks to go and then Rumba’s kittens will be around.
We are preparing a brand new kittenroom where mom and kids can be on their own for the first 3 weeks.
Of course the webcams will be set-up again.
Anneke & Richard

Aeeshah P in Austria

Hello everybody,
Last weekend we had to bring Aeeshah to her new home. We went there on thursday 13 and  after 1135km we finally arrived.
Aeeshah did not mind the trip at all, so it was a very relaxed trip although it took more then 13 hours.
Aeeshah felt at home straight away.
She was not afraid for the other cats and the dog was no problem either.
On the pictures you can see that she feels at home.

Lubaya update, or better LouLou update

Hello everybody again.
Last weekend it was time for LouLou to move to her new home. She had to make a long trip for that as she move all the way to Choisy-Le-Roi which is just outside Paris (France, not Texas 🙂 ). After a long trip with a couple of in between stops she arrived . She did not mind the trip as we had a big sturdy in the back of the car.
After we drove back yesterday we received a couple of pictures.
She is doing very well and has a lot of new staff to run errands for her.
Anneke & Richard

Kijani Update

Hello everybody,
Some time ago it was time to bring Kijani to his new house.
He is doing very well and is also growing good. He is used to his new home in Amsterdam very well now as you can see on the enclosed pictures.
When there is more news or if there are more pictures we will keep you informed of course.
Anneke & Richard