We are one week old cntd

Hello everyone,
Here i am again as promissed.
As you know we are just over 1 week old and I have to tell if you are so young there is a lot to do.
First of all, you need to get born. I found out, that whe you are born you are completely wet and that is so yak and also very cold.
Luckily Anneke and Richard dried us and after that mammie Rumba dried us even further.
After that we discovered that you need to get some milk, before we were born, we had to nothing, but now we had to do it ourselves.
And everything is also dark, we could not get our eyes open in the beginning so you have to use your nose and ears for everything.
And everytime I had found a spot to drink, one of my brothers or sisters wanted the same spot and that is very anoying.
Every evening Richard also comes in the room and we get picked up one by one. apparently they need to know how much we grow, wich I think is useless because everyone can see that we are very big already.
And to top everything of, today we got picked up and put on a big cushen and there was a lot of click -click and bright flashes. I am told that was to take pictures for people who want to see us. Well if you want to see them, have a look at this link
So now I have to drink again and have some rest. I will inform yoou of our adventures next week around the same time Hot smile.


We are one week old now

Hi everyone,
A very short announcement for this evening.
I, Vaskebjorns Tukulu (aka TukTuk) will be you star reporter for the 13 weeks of stories  you can read here in this weblog.
Of course there will be a lot of adventures and the honour of sharing them will be mine.
This is a very logical choice of course as I am the smartest, the nicest and the most beautiful of all Hot smile.
I can be recognized very easy as i am de dark boy with the white toes. No white somewhere else, just very nice white toes.
My nephew Vaskebjorns Babangida (Baba) who was the reporter in previous litter also had white toes.
So obviously having white toes brings also some obligations, but I can handle them very well as I am already very very big Open-mouthed smile.
Hope to see you here later today and in the meantime enjoy your day and have a look at us on the webcam.

Rumba’s kittens arrived

Hi everybody,


Last night it finally happened., the kittens arrived.

Rumba was in a bit of a hurry apparently. She delivered the 5 kittens in 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The 5 kittens are (we think for the moment) :

·         1 black/white solid female non-poly

·         1 black tabby classic male poly

·         1 blue tabby classic male non-poly

·         1 blue tabby classic female poly

·         1 black/white tabby classic male non-poly


The webcams are online again, so have a peek and see mom with het kittens.

Pictures will follow later.


Anneke & Richard


Rumba 9 weeks pregnant, the final days

Hello everyone,
Rumba is now 9 weeks pregnant and that means that d-day is very near. She is doing very well but also 1,5 kilos heavier then before her pregnancy.
We are very curious what she will bring us. In the beginning we thought that she would have 3 kittens as she is uneven, but now 5 look more likely.
But of course you never know what number of kittens will be there Hot smile.
Last night we spend the night in the birthroom toghether with Rumba. Till 4 in the morning she was sleeping then she decided to inspect the room again to see if everything is OK.
So we keep waiting now and see what Rumba is doing. She is still very relaxed.
On the pictures you can see our Rumba resting and preparing for the kittens Open-mouthed smile.
Anneke & Richard

Rumba 7 weeks pregnant

Hi everybody,
Rumba is 7 weeks pregnant in the meantime. She is doing very well, but is very very pregnant. She is now only eating little bits but then all day of course.
She inspected the deliveryroom a couple of times now and she thinks everyting is perfectly in order.
She wants to go up everyday a couple of times, in fact every day someone opens the door to the hallway, she run up the stairs to have a look in her room.
The advantage is that she is already used being upstairs.
Anneke & Richard