We are one week old cntd

Hello everyone,
Here i am again as promissed.
As you know we are just over 1 week old and I have to tell if you are so young there is a lot to do.
First of all, you need to get born. I found out, that whe you are born you are completely wet and that is so yak and also very cold.
Luckily Anneke and Richard dried us and after that mammie Rumba dried us even further.
After that we discovered that you need to get some milk, before we were born, we had to nothing, but now we had to do it ourselves.
And everything is also dark, we could not get our eyes open in the beginning so you have to use your nose and ears for everything.
And everytime I had found a spot to drink, one of my brothers or sisters wanted the same spot and that is very anoying.
Every evening Richard also comes in the room and we get picked up one by one. apparently they need to know how much we grow, wich I think is useless because everyone can see that we are very big already.
And to top everything of, today we got picked up and put on a big cushen and there was a lot of click -click and bright flashes. I am told that was to take pictures for people who want to see us. Well if you want to see them, have a look at this link
So now I have to drink again and have some rest. I will inform yoou of our adventures next week around the same time Hot smile.


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