Show Salzburg

Hi everyone,

Last weekend we had a show in Salzburg, Austria. We went on Friday with 3 of our polys for the 950km trip to our destination. After about 10 hours we arrived at our hotel where we unloaded everything we took and also unloaded the cats. The room was very big, so the cats had all the room they needed.

Hotel Schorn

After the first inspection of the room, you can more or less guess what happened. The cats decided that they wanted the bed. Red was the first one to take a dive 🙂

Red in bed

When you are in Austria, you also get the view, and the cats loved watching outside.


On Saterday we had our first day at show. It was a very relaxed day as the rings were nicely devided over the day. It was also a succesfull day. Red won 4 times and Layla won once.

The second day, on Sunday, was also a very good day. Red did even better then the Saterday :-).

So in total we had 11 wins

Amerrykoon P SimplyRed won 9 times

Vaskebjorns Layla P won 2 times

Vaskebjorns Aeeshah P, owned by Eva, won 3 times.

Red on showRed on Show

Baba on ShowBaba on Show

Layla on ShowLayla on Show

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and on Monday we had to drive back home.

Now we are preparing for the next show, which is in The Netherlands.

Anneke & Richard

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