Bathing Time for our Maine Coons

Hello everyone,

Today was the day to give our Maine Coons a sponge bath. This weekend Layla, Baba and Red have a show. This time it is not that far as we only have to drive to Hellevoetsluis, which is about 140 km.

But, as already said, when you go to show you have to give the cats a bath and the three of them really like that ;-).

First in row was Baba, second was Red and finally Layla.

They all got the usual treatment and that means 5 different “shampoos” to get them as clean as possible. First you degrease the cat without water, then you rinse the cat and degrease him with water. Then you get the woolite and after that a lot of water. When that is done we get a conditioner and flush that out again and finally you take a special shampoo which differs per cat (color). And last but certainly not least you put the cat under the shower until all soap is gone and that takes 10-15 minutes. After that you only need a lot of towels and a livingroom heated up to 23C(elcius).

At the moment the three of them are very relaxed and are sleeping somewhere.

Amerrykoons P SimplyRed of Vaskebjorn

Amerrykoons P SimplyRed of Vaskebjorn

Vaskebjorns Layla P.

Vaskebjorns Layla P.

Vaskebjorns Babangida P.

Vaskebjorns Babangida P.

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