Rest in peace little Red

Hello everyone,

Today is a very sad day. We had to say goodbye to our Red.

The story started 3 months ago. When he came out of the USA he had a cold. We did not think much of that. He had been on the road for a long time. Nevertheless we went to the vet and she described antibiotics. When we were done with the antibiotics the cold was over. We then decided to take him to the show in Salzburg, where he did extremely well. When we came back he again had a cold. A new treatment with antibiotics did the trick. He was growing nicely to over 5 kilo’s. We then decided to give it another try with the show in Hellevoetsluis. After the show he unfortunately did not feel well. He lost 700 gramms in weight. After a week or so he started growing again. Not very fast, but at least growing. Because he was doing ok at that time (as it seemed) we decided to take him to the show in Berlin. He really liked it there, as he did all the shows. Little red loved the attention.

After Berlin, he had a little cold, but we decided not to give him antibiotics. That went reasonably ok. The only “worrying” part was that we did not get him on 5 kilo again. So his weight remained unchanged. Slowly he started eating less and less. From the canned food he only took the sauce part and a couple of meat chuncks.

About a week ago he also started sleeping more and his activity levels also went down. Furthermore his belly got a bit thicker. Anneke was worried about this. Yesterday evening we decided to go to the vet. She proposed to do a blood analysis. Unfortunately that did not work, so we decided to give it another try this morning when the vet had the opportunity to sedate him. After we brought him, the vet took some blood, but also decided to get some fluid out of his belly. This fluid was thick and yellow and she was able to pull strings. This left only one conclusion possible. FIP ………

As I already drove to work, I immidiately returned, picked up Anneke and both drove to the vet. We there decided to let him go.

We will have him cremated and he returns home on Thursday.

This evening, as usual when a cat passes away, we lit our stars.







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