Kittens Aeeshah in Klosterneuburg

Hello everyone,

It has been some time since the last update. One of the reasons for this “delay” is the fact that we were travelling. We went to Austria for a couple of days and then drove through Czech Republic in the direction of Berlin.

But as already said we first drove to Austria to visit Eva and Hans of Kathanevas Maine Coon Cattery. Vaskebjorns Aeeshah P. is living there as you all know and we had to see her kittens. We arrived Saturday the 19th after a 1150km drive and slept in a hotel. Eva and Hans did not agree with that but we already booked an enormous room in hotel-residenz Schrannenhof.

The next day we drove the last 15km and arrived in Scheiblingstein. After the coffee and the Sachertorte we had a look at the kittens and we decided that the look very good.

We also decided the names for the kittens together with Eva of course.

And here they are :

Kathanevas Umair

Kathanevas Umair


Kathanevas Ujala P

Kathanevas Ujala P

Kathanevas Usayd

Kathanevas Usayd

Kathanevas Umnia P

Kathanevas Umnia P


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