Cat-napping in the sun

Hello everyone,
Today was a beautifull day. The sun is shining and if you stay out of the wind, even the temperature is great. So we decided to make our tasks outside the house as fast as possible. We had to buy some stuff, because we painted our entrance. The only problem was that we could not find what we were looking for. When we returned home the cats said that we could have saved some time and have it their way in the first place 🙂
Their way, in this case, was that we opened the doors. And then the cats could go play outside. They are enjoy it very much. Some are running around, while other take a little nap in the afternoon sun.
Banshee decided that is was time for a nap. She is 13 years old, so she is entitled to her sleep and as you can see on the picture, she loves it.
Banshee in the sun

Banshee in the sun

Baba, our lazy Maine Coon male thought it better, just sitting on the BBQ. At that spot you can see a lot without running around.
Vaskebjorns Babangida P

Vaskebjorns Babangida P

And finally our two rascals. Blau maus and Savannah have a lot of things to do. The two “ladies” are always into something. They are as naughty as you can get a Maine Coon.
Both love being outside and preferably as far away from inside the house as they can get.
Vaskebjorns Fleur du Cap P (Blau maus)

Vaskebjorns Fleur du Cap P (Blau maus)

Vaskebjorns Savannah Dry

Vaskebjorns Savannah Dry


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