Preparing for the Frankfurt exhibition

Hello everyone,

just a small update from our cats here in Almere. The weather is not so good today, so the poor ones have to stay inside. They are of course protesting but know the drill in the meantime ;-). Tomorrow and the day after spring will arrive in the Netherlands (accoding to the weatherforecast) and then they allowed to roam in our (fenced) garden.

Baba (Vaskebjorns Babangida P) and Layla (Vaskebjorns Layla P) are also mentally preparing for their next adventure. On the th they are expected to show up in Frankfurt. They will be participating in the Cat-4-Us show.

The judges are :

  •  Kurt Vlach – Austria
  •  Tomoko Vlach – Japan
  •  Jean Marc Lagarde – France
  •  Francesca Gagern – Austria
  •  Katharina Krenn – Austria
  •  Phillipa Homes – UK

We think this is a very nice set of judges and we will see how we will come out. On the first day of the show there will be 8 poly maine coons (so far). Of course we expect all of you to cross your fingers and wish us luck ;-).

Vaskebjorns Babangida P

Vaskebjorns Babangida P

Vaskebjorns Layla P

Vaskebjorns Layla P

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