Preparing for the Frankfurt exhibition – Bathing time

Hello everyone,

The Frankfurt exhibition is coming closer and closer.

That means that our show cats have to take a bath. Both Layla and Baba were completely excited 😉

To give you all an idea of the washingroutine we will shaer our secret washing program.

  1. Special degreasing shampoo out of Denmark (dry)
  2. Flush out the shampoo
  3. The Danish shampoo again but then wet. (in case of Baba a special strong degreasing shampoo because of his stud tail)
  4. Flush out the shampoo
  5. Rinse with Woolite (yes you are reading that correct)
  6. Flush out the Woolite
  7. Conditioner
  8. Flush again
  9. Special shampoo to enhance the color
  10. Flush again and when it looks like the shampoo is gone flush for 5 more minutes

You see it takes some time, but the cat looks very good (normally)

Tomorrow we pack the car and drive to Frankfurt. Amy our catsitter will be here to watch the other cats and walk the dogs for a couple of days. Sunday we are back and know what the result of the washing has been ;-).

By the way, it looks like the hotel has wifi so when the possibility is there we will keep you posted about the results

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