Frankfurt show, the day before ……

Hello everyone,

We arrived at the hotel in Frankfurt after a 4 hours drive. Fortunately we did not have a lot of problems with the traffic. Only 10km of traffic jam.

Arriving at the hotel the soap started.

After the check-in we went to our room to find out that it had two single beds and was very small. We went down again and got another room, just to find out that it was a smoking room. So that was a trip down again to get the keys for our third room. That room was reasonable and had a normal bed.

We had to wait a bit before the blankets and the towels were delivered. After that it was time to go down and have a drink. The dry white wine was not really a problem, but the whiskey was more of a problem. Naming the whole list just showed that they were out of them … 😦

I ended up drinking my own 😉

After that we had some dinner and a lot of “cat” people and judges were coming in.

Now we are at our room put some powder in Baba’s tail and are preparing for tomorrow. Fortunately we do not have to come in to early ;-), nine was just about fine. So we have time to have a good breakfast.

Talk to you tomorrow….

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