Rumba went to the dentist

Hello everyone,

This time a post without pictures 😉

For some time Rumba had some small problems eating dry food. It looked like she had some discomfort chewing them. We decided to go to the vet with her. After they had a look it was decided that she had to go to the dentist.

Last week (Tuesday) we had to bring Rumba in the morning.

The dentist cleaned her teeth and took a couple op x-ray pictures. After a short telephonic discussion about what had to happen the dentist continued the procedure and pulled 3 teeth.

When she came back she already felt a lot better and now, half a week down the line, she is feeling as if nothing happened.

She is playing as she used to and also eating whatever she wants. SO besides the point that the visit was medically necessary, she also feels a lot better.

So, thats it for today, we have to make some chicken-soup for dinner now, and as all cat people know, the chicken for the cats and the soup for the people 😉

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