Red Ice’s emergency last week

Hello everyone,

Red Ice became terribly ill last week. He ended up being so ill, we thought he might not make it. It is a bit of long story with fortunately a happy ending.

Last week Tuesday Red Ice was a bit quiet. We thought he got scared form something because there was a lot of noise outside. He also started limping with one leg.

Wednesday he did not improve so we decided that we had to go to the vet. We were able to go there in the afternoon. The vet took a lot of time and could not find a reason for his limping. The decision was to give him some pain killers (Tolfedine) and antibiotics (Clavubactin). He also got two shots (painkiller and antibiotics). If he then would not improve they would make an x-ray on Thursday of the elbow.

Thursday morning he still was not better. Worse even, he was now limping with all 4 legs. That took care of the x-ray, but we got extremely worried.  We decided to go to the vet again and now 2 vets did the examination. They took a lot of time for it and the conclusion was that he most likely had an infection in all his joints. It looked like it was very painful and therefore they wanted to do a very thorough job. Both vets thought he might have poly-arthritis. So besides the medication he already had he got extra painkiller (Temgesic, which apparently is like morphine) and antibiotics (Metrazol). Because the vets did not know if the whole problem was caused by a virus or bacteria they also decided to give a medicine to reduce virus growth (L-Lysine). His health did not improve on Thursday though, so our worries did not get any less.

On Friday morning he still was not any better and stayed on the couch all day. Luckily we could convince him to eat something. The fact that he wanted to eat a little gave us a little hope. In the late afternoon / early evening he started moving a little more, but still not really convincing.

Saturday morning things looked a little better. He started eating more.  He also started walking a bit more although it did not look like much.

Sunday his situation improved even further. He had a reasonably good appetite and also walking was better, although was still sleeping most of the day.

And today, Monday, things looked really positive he walked around, ate a lot and also played with his toys and other cats. He also went outside in the garden and do some playing there. When it was time for his medicine, he also decided that he did not want them, which (in this case) is a good sign ;-). At the moment he is very tired and is sleeping on the couch again, but we do not mind because he was really active today

The list of all de medication he gets is at the moment.

  • 0.5 Metrazol 250mg – 1 time a day
  • 1 Tolfedine 6mg – 2 times a day
  • 1 Temgesic 0.2mg – 2 times a day
  • 1.6 Clavubactin 50mg – 2 times a day
  • L-Lysine Comp – 2 times a day
After today we are done with the Metrazol and the Tolfedine. We also think we can stop with the Temgesic, but want to discuss that with the vet first.
All in all we are satisfied with the progression and hope things keep improving.

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