It became something different

Hello everyone,

We did not buy the philippe Starck chair because it did not look as new as we hoped for. The chair had been standing in the shop for some time and git to scratched. So for that one we have ti continue looking. We bought something different though. We can place this one on the table and the cats can have a nap in there.


Finally ……..

We found some catrelated items in Berlin. Today we decided to go KaDeWe and after some browsing we found some arty stuff. We already new this artist for his “over the top” art. Also we already have some stuff from him. Nevertheless (or therefore) we decided to buy two small items amongst which the one on the picture below. You can find his stuff on his website, just in case you might be interested 😉


What happened …….

…. To hotel Bleibtreu ????

We stayd at this hotel before and also had dinner (and lunch) there and it was really good, but today we went there for dinner and it was really disappointing. We had rib-eye with oven baked potatos and the meat was greasy. The potato tasted good though. All in all we were outside again in 45 minutes and that for in total 61 Euros. We are now in the hotel cocktail bar drinking colladas and eating peanuts to get rid of our hunger 😉

The 3rd day

Hello everyone,

No cat story today ;-). I know thats a bit of a dissappointment :-).
The excuse is that we are in Berlin and can not find any cat related stuff.
And we tried very hard today because we went for a walk in Prenzlauerberg ( a Berlin district). We went with public transport and that confirmed that we are not made for that. Although the trainstation is close to the hotel it stopped at a place where we did not need to go. We then had to walk for 30 minutes to get to the start of the walk. Lockily we could get a nice breakfast there. The walk in itself was nice, but the best part was the lunch. There was a place called “Sowohlalsauch” at the Kollwitzstrasse. This little place was really stuffed with people and you can get the nicest lunches. They also serve great cakes and very good coffee and huge cups of chocolatemilk. And it is not even expensive. So if you ever are in Berlin this really is a must see. After that we finished the walk and returned to the hotel with very tired feet.


Extra extra

Hello everyone,

Thursday it finally arrived. We ordered a second foscam webcam to have a peek at the kittens when they are born. It actually is the improved version of the one we have pointed at our catswheel (see webcam section ;-)). And this one also has night vision so you can see the kittens 24/7 ;-).

When we are back of our trip to Berlin we will get it up and running for testing. We will put up a note here when the testing time has arrived so keep checking our weblog so you can be the first to see it operational.