4 Generations

Hello everyone,

As our Banshee is already very very old we decided to make a post here with 4 generations of cats. All 4 generations are living with us in our home.

The 4 cats in the line up are :

  • Dynamicats Banshee, born February 10 1998 and therefore 13 years and 7 months old,
  • Vaskebjorns Feme, born July 20  2002 and therefore 9 years and 2 months old,
  • Vaskebjorns Layla P, born December 1 2007 and she is 3 years and 10 months old,
  • and finally Vaskebjorns Babangida P, born January 14 2010 and he is therefore 1 years and 8 months old.
As already said, Banshee is very old and you can see that in everything. She sleeps all day and you have to bring her her food. She can not be bothered anymore by walking over to the food and she likes to eat undisturbed by other cats. When a cat (or dog) are nearing their end we have a saying that says “Christmas is far away” and in Banshee’s case Christmas is very far away.
Dynamicats Banshee

Dynamicats Banshee

Vaskebjorns Feme

Vaskebjorns Feme

Vaskebjorns Layla P

Vaskebjorns Layla P

Vaskebjorns Babangida P

Vaskebjorns Babangida P

2 thoughts on “4 Generations

  1. That’s very special. I remember Banshee having her first litter, together with Voodoo. We bought Niamh and almost one of Banshee’s kittens I think.

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