The 3rd day

Hello everyone,

No cat story today ;-). I know thats a bit of a dissappointment :-).
The excuse is that we are in Berlin and can not find any cat related stuff.
And we tried very hard today because we went for a walk in Prenzlauerberg ( a Berlin district). We went with public transport and that confirmed that we are not made for that. Although the trainstation is close to the hotel it stopped at a place where we did not need to go. We then had to walk for 30 minutes to get to the start of the walk. Lockily we could get a nice breakfast there. The walk in itself was nice, but the best part was the lunch. There was a place called “Sowohlalsauch” at the Kollwitzstrasse. This little place was really stuffed with people and you can get the nicest lunches. They also serve great cakes and very good coffee and huge cups of chocolatemilk. And it is not even expensive. So if you ever are in Berlin this really is a must see. After that we finished the walk and returned to the hotel with very tired feet.


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