New additions to the cat furniture

Hello everyone,

Besides the fact that we are still looking for a Philippe Starck “cat basket” we saw some nice things today at the cat show in Hellevoetsluis. We saw one wicker cat basket and one made from carpet (produced in Canada we were told).

we already had one of the carpet “baskets” but that one was completely worn down by the cats. Unfortunately it was one the favorite of our “patient” Savanna. It took just 5 seconds before she claimed her position ;-). As you can see it is very relaxing judging her ears 😉

Vaskebjorns Savanna Dry

Vaskebjorns Savanna Dry

The wicker basket took a minute more Moncha thought it was a nice place to rest 😉

Vaskebjorns Moncha

Vaskebjorns Moncha

Tomorrow we have some more news so check back tomorrow.

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