Just another entry

Hello everyone,

Today we do not have a specific subject for our blog. There are a number of things we want to mention anyway.

We start of with the good news. As already mentioned we got the last room in the show hotel in Rangsdorf and are going with two cats. Baba and Red Ice have the honor to enter. So one poly and one non-poly.

There is a bit of not so good news to. The lady we saw some time ago and were considering as an addition to our cattery is not coming to live with us. There were some very good reasons for that, but we will not put them publicly on the internet.

Furthermore, we already mentioned that Charlotte is not pregnant. That did not stop her from adopting some “kittens”. She has now two kittens. One is our Kitty and the other one is Kaneeltje.As you can see on the picture she is very dedicated.

Charlotte and kittens

Charlotte and kittens

The last subject is our Savanna. She is still running around, despite of her condition. And she also is a bit spoiled ;-). She lookes really good though, even with her lazy relaxed ears ;-).




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