Saar the rhino

Hello everyone,
In the zoo of Amersfoort they have rhino that is about to give birth. Her name is Saar and the zoo was so nice to install a webcam.
We have this webcam on our screen all day and in the meantime a couple of our ladies are real fans of this program ;-).
I took a couple of pictures to show it to you.




Sweet sixteen

Hello everyone,

Exactly 16 years ago Kissy (van Coon Harbour) was born.

This adorable black smoke lady lived at our place for a long time. Nowadays she lives with Ronald and Louise in Lelystad.

She only has one eye left and also thinks she is the ruler of the house 😉

Kissy van Coon Harbour

Kissy van Coon Harbour

Kissy's servant

Kissy's servant on a Portugal beach 😉