Aswad & Feme

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was a happy day. Aswad (Bonfires Paint it Black) had his birthday and reached the age of 5. Unfortunately our cats are not allowed outside without a chaperone he was not able to buy a cake for all of us ūüėČ



Today was a completely different story. Feme (Vaskebjorns Feme) had a doctors appointment, so we had to bring her this morning. The plan was to have her neutered. She is 9 years and 4 months old, so it was a good time for her. We also had her teeth checked. Everything went very well according to the vet and she is already home again and already feels a bit better.



Show weekend

Hello everyone,

Well the Rangsdorf show weekend is over. It was a long but a good weekend. First of all the show was a good one. It is not to big and not to small. We decided to go only on¬†Saturday¬† and Sunday and leave the Friday as is. After the long drive we think it’s better to give the cat some time to get accustomed to his temporary home. On Saturday we had Steven Savant, Linda Kay Ashley, Lisette de Landtsheer, Harley DeVilbiss and Pascal Remy as judges. On Sunday we had the same judges except for Harley DeVilbiss.¬†Instead¬†of Harley we had Jean-Marc Lagarde.

All judges judged our Poly on both days and we also got compliments on him. The best compliment came from Harley who said that Baba would have a good chance in the standard Maine Coon ring. And¬†that’s¬†obviously our (long term) purpose.

The advantage of the show in Rangsdorf is that when the show day is over you can have a little walk outside and have a look on the Weihnachtsmarkt. Friday was a bit empty, but the Saturday was really crowded.

By the way, what we noticed is that there is a relatively large number of Bengals at the show. It looks like Bengals are progressing towards the next Hype.

Well and now finally, our view from our room.



Back home

Hello everyone,

It has been a long drive, but due to circumstances (traffic and a bit rain) we could not drive really fast (just 130 km/h). That made it a reasonably relaxed drive at¬†that’s¬†ok ;-).

Baba is already settled again and walking around. He ate some dry food and he also already walked in the catswheel ;-).

We also already unpacked the car (almost)

Later on we will post a mail with extra show info and some of our observations ;-).

Now we just sit down and relax a bit with our cats and dogs. We haven’t seen them in 4 days ;-).

Sunday bloody Sunday

Hello everyone,

We now had 4 out of 5 rings we are supposed to do. Just one to go.

As expected we are best new trait in all of them ;-). That means the ribbon is almost to small. Even Steven Savant was positive and we agreed to meet again next year ūüôā
And then with some snow as Rangsdorf is so much nicer when there is a lot of snow.


Last three

Hello everyone,

A bit of a late update, but we were having some “it” issues yesterday. The network was very poor yesterday and apparently our facebook account was (b)locked. Anyway we did all 5 rings and we got 5 first places. Steven Savant also judged our Baba and also liked him he said. The only thing is that due to the steward we almost missed Stevens judging because they thought he was absent. Fortunately we were sitting at that ring so we noticed.

After the judging we went to the weihnachtmarkt and got some fresh air and then it was time fore the judges dinner.

Today we do the next 5 rings and most likely all the plaques wont fit on the ribbon ūüėČ


First two

Hello everyone,

First two are done now. First we had to go to Pascal Remy and secondly we had to go to Harvey DeVilbiss. Obviously we had two firsts ;-).

Harvey said he liked Baba a lot and that he looked like a Maine Coon should look like.
In Harvey’s opinion Baba would also do very well in a regular Maine Coon ring. We think that is a very nice compliment.


We are ready

Hello everyone,

Today we prepared for the show in Rangsdorf this weekend. All the cat related stuff is already packed, so we only need to decide what to wear and what whiskey we need to bring.

This morning it was time for the two boys to take a bath. First Baba needed to go. Everything went very well in his 5 different programs ;-). After Baba it was Red’s turn. Unfortunately he¬†panicked so we were not able to give him his sponge bath. We¬†therefore¬†decided to leave him at home and just go with one cat.

So it will be a relaxed weekend ;-). Unfortunately there is no snow expected. Last year it was freezing 20 degrees celcius and when we had to leave we had to dig out the car ūüėČ

Oh and there is Weihnachtsmarkt this weekend in Rangsdorf.

So check back regularly for updates. The hotel has WiFi so we can keep you posted.