We are ready

Hello everyone,

Today we prepared for the show in Rangsdorf this weekend. All the cat related stuff is already packed, so we only need to decide what to wear and what whiskey we need to bring.

This morning it was time for the two boys to take a bath. First Baba needed to go. Everything went very well in his 5 different programs ;-). After Baba it was Red’s turn. Unfortunately he panicked so we were not able to give him his sponge bath. We therefore decided to leave him at home and just go with one cat.

So it will be a relaxed weekend ;-). Unfortunately there is no snow expected. Last year it was freezing 20 degrees celcius and when we had to leave we had to dig out the car 😉

Oh and there is Weihnachtsmarkt this weekend in Rangsdorf.

So check back regularly for updates. The hotel has WiFi so we can keep you posted.

2 thoughts on “We are ready

  1. Best of luck with Baba at TICA. What a shame that my favo Red Ice is staying home–I would have loved to have seen how he did at the show.

    Enjoy the whiskey!

    • Hi Rianna,

      It’s indeed a shame we could not take him, but he spends most of his time at home and he has to feel good here. Shows are just a secondary thing.

      So if you want to see him you most likely will have to come over 😉

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