Show weekend

Hello everyone,

Well the Rangsdorf show weekend is over. It was a long but a good weekend. First of all the show was a good one. It is not to big and not to small. We decided to go only on Saturday  and Sunday and leave the Friday as is. After the long drive we think it’s better to give the cat some time to get accustomed to his temporary home. On Saturday we had Steven Savant, Linda Kay Ashley, Lisette de Landtsheer, Harley DeVilbiss and Pascal Remy as judges. On Sunday we had the same judges except for Harley DeVilbiss. Instead of Harley we had Jean-Marc Lagarde.

All judges judged our Poly on both days and we also got compliments on him. The best compliment came from Harley who said that Baba would have a good chance in the standard Maine Coon ring. And that’s obviously our (long term) purpose.

The advantage of the show in Rangsdorf is that when the show day is over you can have a little walk outside and have a look on the Weihnachtsmarkt. Friday was a bit empty, but the Saturday was really crowded.

By the way, what we noticed is that there is a relatively large number of Bengals at the show. It looks like Bengals are progressing towards the next Hype.

Well and now finally, our view from our room.



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