Our Boys

Amicellis Lubke of Vaskebjorns (Red Ice)

DOB : November 27, 2010
HCM-scan : Not tested yet
HCM dna : Not tested yet
PKD-scan : Not tested yet
PL : Not tested yet

Red Ice is our newest kid on the Block. We found him in Cattery Amicellis in Berlin. Nadine raised him in her home and when he was old enough he moved to us. He is a lovely red / white boy, although you can turn the colors around very easy as he has more white then red.

In December he will go to his first TICA show in Rangsdorf.







Vaskebjorns Babangida P. (BABA)

DOB : January 14, 2010
HCM-scan : Not tested yet
HCM dna : Not tested yet
PKD-scan : Not tested yet
PL : Not tested yet

Baba is now one of our breeding males. He was born here with us out of Lyala and Aswad. Het is a very handsome, but also very naughty boy.  The meaning of his name is “Man of the house” and guess what, his character matches his name completely. He really thinks he is the man of the house. As his name also indicates he is a poly and his toe configuration is 7-7-5-5.





Bonfires Paint it Black (ASWAD)


DOB : December 15, 2006
HCM-scan : Negative March 2010
HCM dna : N/N
PKD-scan : Negative February 2008
PL : Negative

Aswad is our breeding male. We bought him in Berlin. Ines from Bonfires informed us that she had a little male, after we expressed our interest in a blue male. As you can see on the pictures he looks a bit “funny”. It turned out he had a fevercoat. Luckily for us, black kittens with a fevercoat end up having the deepest black coats. So now our blue male is not as blue as we thought. Nevertheless he is a very beautiful male with big ears and a very good muzzle and a good chin. The only very tiny disadvantage is his coat, he likes to get some knots in there. In his opinion he must not look 100% perfect, 99% will do :-).




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