Almost time

Hello everyone,

Just a couple of hours to go and then our plane will leave towards “our” Tunisia.
We will keep you posted on our trip and our new apartment 😉


Our own little dar

It has been some time since our last post and there have been some developments 😉

As some of you might know, we love Tunisia. As a result of this we decided to try something different this time. Instead of going to the hotel we are now going to our own apartment located about on the beach ;-). So not really a dar, but nice nevertheless.





Rainy day in Tunesia

Hello everyone,

As some of you know we were in Tunisia in October. We had a really marvelous time. The only problem was the fact that we were only one week our favorite hotel Palm Marina in Port El Kantaoui.

We had between 30 and 40 degrees which obviously is great compared to autumn in The Netherlands.

We only had one evening with a little rain, which gave us beautiful clouds.



The next morning started dry, so we decided to pay a visit to the souks and then the raining started which is something spectacular 😉

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But after this “little bit of” rain it was perfect weather again

Le petit cafe maure

Hello everyone,

As we are in Tunisia we decided to go to our favorite cafe again to drink some mint tea.
The little cafe is called “le petit cafe Maure” and is located on topside of the soukhs of Sousse. If you do not know how to find it, you will have a hard time getting there 🙂

But the mint tea is perfect in this cafe.




Strawberry shake

Hello everyone,

As we are in Tunesia, we went to our favourite place in Port el Kantouai to have a strawberry shake. In La Nafoura you most likely get the best ones north of the equator 😉

We took the medium one, which is 500cc of pure strawberry 🙂


Vaskebjorns Babangida P. – The “big” boss

Hello everyone,

It was nice weather and therefore our cats were allowed outside 😉

Our poly boy Baba (Vaskebjorns Babangida P.) was sitting on our dining table in the garden overlooking all and everything.

We think he has the looks (and the genes) to give very nice babies in the (near) future 🙂

Vaskebjorns Babangida P.

Vaskebjorns Babangida P.

Baba the Builder

Hello everyone,

After we returned from our vacation in Tunisia we had to paint our house on the second and the third floor. For that we rented scaffolding. After we were done, the cats were allowed outside again and our Baba wanted to be a “builder” and climbed on the scaffolding.

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Little bit of Tunisia

Hello everyone,

We had our vacation last month and as usual we went to Tunisia. We obviously had fantastic weather with a lot of sun. We decided to make it a “resting” vacation, so we did not do a lot. We walked to the Port El Kantoaui a couple of times and also went to Sousse.

Like always we make a lot of pictures of cats and in Sousse we found this little one hiding out at a restaurant. She was really shy but also adorable.

Cat in Sousse

Cat in Sousse