To be or not to be

pregnant, thats the question.

Although we can not see anything yet, Charlotte is behaving completely different. She is sleeping where she never slept before. She is eating canned food and normally she used to be in a completely different room then the canned food. So the signs are there 😉

So everyone get your calendar out and mark November 20th, because that is her due date.

If you check back on a regular basis, we keep you informed about our Charlotte


Birthday present

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was Anneke’s birthday. She got presents from the dogs, the cats and me of course. Charlotte decided that she wanted to give an extra birthday gift. After all the time we were waiting she decided to get into heat. We decided to bring her upstairs to meet Aswad, the father to be. Unfortunately nothing happened because Aswad thought she was to big. (Charlotte is almost 9 kilo) and therefore we brought her down again.

Then it happened again, Charlotte was walking around calling for a male and Red Ice decided that it was his turn. He is a bit young (9 months) but both he and Charlotte did not really mind 😉

In the meantime he did his trick a couple of times and he is not finished yet 😉

For us the waiting starts now. In 4 weeks we can see if Red Ice did his job well 😉

Amicellis Red Ice

Amicellis Red Ice

Dynamicats Charlottes Web

Dynamicats Charlottes Web