With pain in our heart ….

Hello everyone,

Yesterday evening when our Xena wanted to get of the couch, her leg got stuck on one or another way. She obviously had a lot of pain and it was very hard to calm her down. She was really upset.

After a good hour, she relaxed a bit. Nevertheless she wanted to stay close to us. After some time more we were able to put her on the couch so she would be more comfortable.

Later that evening we decided to take her for her evening walk without the other two dogs.  Walking was very difficult for her. She could not put weight on her back leg.

During the night we made sure she could not get up the stairs so she would not be able to fall.

This morning she still had problems walking and we decided to go to the vet. After the first examination the vet wanted to take an x-ray.

The outcome was very bad though, Xena had a tumor in her back leg that ate away most of her bone. She was also in a lot of pain. The vet said that she could give her very strong painkillers to get her over the weekend. We then took the decission not to do that.

In our opinion the interest of the dog goes first and we did not want Xena to suffer.

So we decided to let her go, she has deserved her rest without any further suffering.

This grant old lady born on the 4th of June 1999, became 12 years and 8 moths old.

We will always remember her.

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