Vaskebjorns Lubaya P. (aka LouLou)

Hello everyone,

LouLou (a daughter of Layla) is pregnant ;-).

This lady that decided to go live in Paris with Marielle and family is going to have her first babies around May 23.

On the picture you can see how she is looking now, although she was just awake in this picture and did not do her make-up yet 😉 and also was waiting for her breakfast 😉

Vaskebjorns Lubaya P

Vaskebjorns Lubaya P

Vaskebjorns Lubaya P. aka Loulou

Hi Everyone,

I had a peek at the facebook page of Marielle of Les Genets Blancs and found a recent picture of Loulou. She is a daughter of Layla P and Aswad.

We snatched it from there and now you can see it in this blog entry ;-).

We think she has become a very beautiful Maine Coon Lady.