Aswad & Feme

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was a happy day. Aswad (Bonfires Paint it Black) had his birthday and reached the age of 5. Unfortunately our cats are not allowed outside without a chaperone he was not able to buy a cake for all of us ūüėČ



Today was a completely different story. Feme (Vaskebjorns Feme) had a doctors appointment, so we had to bring her this morning. The plan was to have her neutered. She is 9 years and 4 months old, so it was a good time for her. We also had her teeth checked. Everything went very well according to the vet and she is already home again and already feels a bit better.



Dynamicats Sunroof aka Pucca

Hi everyone,

This time there is only a little story.

We have a female cat which we call Puccas. She was born March 11, 2005 and is a beautiful black tabby double white lady. Officially she is called Sunroof, but we are calling her Pucca since we have her.

Unfortunately Pucca is not feeling very happy for some time now. She is more or less the lowest in rank. We were already thinking what we should do to solve this “problem”. Then completely out of the blue Ronald called and wanted to ask if we had a cat which would be available for relocation for his mother. Well, adding one and one together was not very difficult then.

We made an appointment for them to pay Pucca a visit and see if Annie (Ronalds mother) would like Pucca and if Pucca would like Annie. The evening of the visit Pucca was sitting on Annies lap all the time and that was for us a good indication that the two liked each other.

The result was that we then had to make an appointment to get Pucca spayed and that happened yesterday. I brought Pucca to Mieke (the vet) in the morning and when I called around lunchtime to check how she did, Pucca was already waking up and doing great.

I could pick her up between 3 and 4 and when we came home she immidiately started to walk around, eat something and of course go to the toilet.

All in all I think Pucca feels very well. We now have to wait until the stitches can go out (about 10 days) and make an appointment to bring Pucca to her new house and her own private staff :-).

We think it will be very good for her and she will get all attention she needs from Annie.