And finally

Hi again,

Well, the last one is also in the pocket.
At the end we did 10 out of 10, not bad for a weekend Rangsdorf.


Last three

Hello everyone,

A bit of a late update, but we were having some “it” issues yesterday. The network was very poor yesterday and apparently our facebook account was (b)locked. Anyway we did all 5 rings and we got 5 first places. Steven Savant also judged our Baba and also liked him he said. The only thing is that due to the steward we almost missed Stevens judging because they thought he was absent. Fortunately we were sitting at that ring so we noticed.

After the judging we went to the weihnachtmarkt and got some fresh air and then it was time fore the judges dinner.

Today we do the next 5 rings and most likely all the plaques wont fit on the ribbon 😉


First two

Hello everyone,

First two are done now. First we had to go to Pascal Remy and secondly we had to go to Harvey DeVilbiss. Obviously we had two firsts ;-).

Harvey said he liked Baba a lot and that he looked like a Maine Coon should look like.
In Harvey’s opinion Baba would also do very well in a regular Maine Coon ring. We think that is a very nice compliment.



Hello everyone,

As our ladies are not pregnant we decided to enter for the TICA show in Rangsdorf 9, 10 and 11 December. We called the hotel which proved to be a lucky thing as they apparently forgot to enter our reservation in the system last year. We are getting the last room they have. We always have a view at the lake and that is really nice in the hotel 😉

View of lake

View of lake

Show preparations for Rangsdorf

Hello everyone,

The preparations for the TICA show in Rangsdorf (close to Berlin Germany) are at full speed. We take three cats to the show and they are all poly.

The lucky cats are : Vaskebjorns Babangida P (Baba), Vaskebjorns Layla P (Layla) and Amerrykoons SimplyRed P (Red).

The cats have had their baths already. Furthermore we also are backing 2 “prinsjesbroden” 🙂

Both of them are in the oven at the moment and need about 80 minutes. And everyone present at the show can have a taste 🙂